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Wood Look Flower Stand from Polymer Logistics Offers Attractive yet Simple Display Solution for Flowers

Byar130405 December 01, 2017

Eliminates the need for decorative flower buckets, foil or fabric covering of the stand in order to achieve an appealing floral display

Polymer Logistics has announced the introduction of its Wood Look Flower Stand to the UK market. The stand provides an elegant solution to a common challenge faced by retailers – choosing between displaying cut flowers in aesthetically unappealing plain black buckets, or more costly alternative of improving floral display appearance. The latter tactic can involve transferring floral stock to fancier buckets or covering the flower stand with fabric to enhance retail presentation.

With the Wood Look Flower Stand, buckets are simply placed into top openings, providing an instant fresh look without the inefficiencies that result from efforts to replace or beautify the standard black buckets. While supermarkets account for greater than 50 per cent of UK cut flower sales, the fresh ambiance of flower displays is expected to become increasingly important to the shopping experience of millennial customers, underscoring the opportunity for the Wood Look Flower Stand.

“Millennials are not purchasing flowers just to dress up their homes; they want to celebrate their personalities and express their moods,” a recent industry report from the US Produce Marketing Association has noted. “This generation is a natural target for the floral industry, with their environmental consciousness, urban dwellings in the need of greenery, and desire for unique colours, patterns and designs.”

When not in use, the Wood Look Flower Stand can be quickly disassembled to free up retail space while requiring only a minimal storage requirement. Stands are available in colours such as white, green, red and black in addition to brown.

Adrian Dale, Managing Director at Polymer Logistics, said: “The Wood Look Flower Stand is the result of engaging with retailers and understanding their challenges regarding floral merchandising. We are offering a solution that will improve dramatically the presentation of flowers in store, with minimum logistics concerns.”

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