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Why Pallet Leasing is the Best Christmas Present for the Retail Distribution Crunch

Bysmadarbo October 18, 2016

When Christmas seasonal volumes surge, resources such as pallets, warehouse storage locations and transport equipment can quickly crash to critical lows. Delivery schedules can teeter in the balance as staff scramble throughout the facility to push cases off of pallets in their quest to find enough of them to more or less do the job. Those pallets may be damaged or substandard, but when customers are in a panic about delivery, how important is a pallet, really?

That is, of course, until a pallet results in product damage, a nail laceration to a worker at the receiving end, or even worse, a pallet failure in a storage rack. Then there are questions to answer, and no one is much interested that you were trying valiantly to get the order shipped on time.

You can buy new pallets, but that can often take time. It may require a CAPEX, or you may have already blown your annual budget for new pallets and have to resort to sorting through the stacks of damaged pallets out back to find some that will do. Or in case they are wooden pallets, they might be wet and it could require time before they dry and can be used. The problem is that you need the pallets now, not in January.

The solution to the seasonal pallet crunch is easy. It is called pallet rental or pallet leasing. By renting pallets to cover seasonal peaks, you receive the best quality pallets, ones which deliver superior product protection, meet sanitation requirements and provide other benefits that come with dealing with a leading pool provider. As a result, you avoid the cost of buying pallets that you may not need for ten months per year, and pay only for the period they are required. As an extra bonus, if you rent high quality plastic pallets, you can avoid issues such as exposed nails, slivers or wet deck boards that can soak moisture up into corrugated containers and result in bulging cartons and unstable loads.

And as you have the rental pallets only as long as needed, they aren’t taking up valuable storage space as they sit idle for months on end whether it is Christmas or another seasonal spike in volume, just bring them in when you need them.

No matter how you analyse it, the Christmas season is crazy for retailers. There is a way to help bring sanity to your operations, however, and that is by renting pool pallets to cover the crunch. Why not give yourself a present this season by giving it a try?

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