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Can perception really influence buyer behaviour?

Byar130405 September 09, 2014

Supermarket interior, filled with the fruit of the shopping cart.

In all reality that is a question that retail marketers have wrestled with for many years and decade on decade we have seen retailers re invent themselves time and time again. This re invention not only focuses on in store product but also the way that stores look and feel to customers who wander in through the store entrance.

In order to answer this question honestly perhaps what we need to do is look at our own buying behaviour. Faced with the task of the weekly shop, and if we are still shopping in store rather than online, ask your self the following question:

Why do you shop at the store you do?

Maybe it’s convenience of parking, it’s easy to get to, they offer product at budget prices or it’s familiar to you.

Personally it’s all of them but for me it’s the way that product is displayed and the quality. There is no doubt that the store that is privileged to get my money is the one that is laid out the best and displays the products in a way that I view to be appealing.

You see if I am faced with a store that is overwhelming in terms of the way that produce and product is displayed (and trust me I have seen them), I will ultimately turn on my heels and walk away. That is perception in action right there!

Okay you may accuse me of being biased due to the fact that the company I work for manufactures and sells display products, but I do believe that perception is everything.

That’s why here at Polymer we want you to get that perception right and have invented the world’s first market place crate. Manufactured to look like wooden produce crates, the new crate is set to revolutionise the fresh produce aisle. It’s proven in store to influence buyer perception as it gives that ‘market fresh’ feel and I am convinced retailers will see uplifts in sales.

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