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Revolutionizing your business

Digitalize Your Supply Chain

Better manage your assets with direct access to the latest in supply chain technology. Developed in partnership with the world’s leaders in IoT and connectivity, you can easily keep track of asset location, temperature, and more. Instant insight allows you to better manage pallets, roll cages, FLCs, shippers, RPCs, and other transport packaging assets as they move across your supply chain. Our focus on increasing quality while reducing cost has led us to add a smart, intuitive, tracking device to each unit, which is backed by a strong and secure end-to-end reporting solution, including an intuitive and flexible end-user dashboard. Directly from your dashboard, you’ll have accurate location, inventory, cycle time and on-demand temperature analytics. Save money and earn new customers by knowing exactly when goods will arrive and get alerts in case of delays or delivery errors.

Digitalize Your Supply Chain

Remain Connected

Clear Vision

Addressing the critical blind spots in logistics operations, you can track containers, pallets, or individual crates. Boosting the efficiency of cold chain management, retailer supply chain, and home shopping delivery systems, the Polymer Logistics dashboard allows you to manage systems in a way that was previously unimaginable.

Easy to use

A flexible, user-friendly dashboard, designed with you in mind. Our system allows for easy data collection and interaction with the assets you are tracking. Receive alerts and on-demand reports, ensuring smooth supply chain operations.

Data Management

Cloud computing infrastructure gives you the benefits of big data on one screen. Collect updated, secured data and compare progress to your unique compiled history. Gain insight and better understand your logistics needs to increase efficiency.


Polymer Logistics’ IoT-enabled trackers use multiple communication technologies, based on the specific use cases and in order to maximize the value to our customers. We use cellular 3G and LTE Cat-M1 as well as LoRa WAN, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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Case studies

Hoopo & Polymer Logistics Bring IoT Tracking to the Supply Chain

The combined offering enables cost-effective, smart supply chain solutions for food delivery companies

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