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Psst! And the winners of the fresh awards are…

Byar130405 June 05, 2017

Who will be this year’s winners in fresh? Anticipation is running high as the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC) gets set to stage Fresh Awards 2017, an event which spotlights the produce industry’s best and brightest in areas such as innovation, leadership, business best practices and sustainability. Judges have been diligently reviewing an “overwhelming” number of entries to get down to the finalists, according to Nigel Jenny, the CEO of FPC. The competition is intense, but the results can be beneficial to supply chain participants as well as customers.

A total of 16 awards will be presented at the black-tie event. They span five different categories, including Individual Excellence, Supply Chain Excellence, Retail Excellence, Business Excellence, and Best of the Best.  Polymer Logistics welcomes the opportunity to participate at Fresh Awards 2017 as the sponsor of the prestigious Fresh Produce Business of the Year Award. Last year, the winner in this section was fresh prepared fruit supplier, Blue Skies.

The celebration takes place Thursday 8th June at the Intercontinental, Park Lane, when well-known British comedian, actor and broadcaster Hugh Dennis will announce the finalists and winners to the capacity audience. More than 500 people attended last year’s gala.

It’s no secret that fresh produce is becoming increasingly important to shoppers, especially fresh, high-quality items that provide superior nutrition and more memorable meal experiences. As FPC’s Fresh Awards program supports the efforts of individuals and businesses in the fresh produce supply chain dedicated to improving customer engagement with fresh food, Polymer Logistics is extremely proud to support this initiative. It is one that holds true to Polymer’s own values around providing packaging solutions such as the Market Place Crate, an approach which maximises the quality and freshness of fresh produce in the most logistically efficient and retail-friendly manner possible – from grower to the produce display. As we celebrate the battle to win at Fresh Awards 2017, we also celebrate the collaborative aspirations of the fresh produce supply chain toward delivering the freshest and the best to customers. When consumers win, so do we all.

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