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Polymer Logistics is a leader in high-impact product presentation and efficient supply chain packaging systems and technologies. Utilizing world-class reusable polymer-based transport, storage and display products, along with industry-leading technology for real-time data-analysis, asset management, and pooling services, we re-engineer how to ship perishable products. At Polymer Logistics, our innovative products and systems are designed in collaboration with our business partners. Our team of engineers work closely with our end-users to help protect product freshness and quality (reduce waste, labor costs, packaging and products damage) and implement smarter, more efficient technologies and solutions that reduce total system cost. Every day, we re-imagine how polymers can streamline shipping while beautifying retail presentation and enhancing the overall shopping experience.


The reusable transport and display packaging systems designed, delivered, and managed by Polymer Logistics are key enablers of the global movement towards a circular economy. They are designed and constructed for continuous reuse, recovery, and refurbishment. At the end of their useful life, they are re-manufactured into new reusable Polymer Logistics products. Waste is prevented, not managed. In addition, across the supply chain, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption are reduced.

We hold our products to a high standard of durability and sustainability considering three main criteria:

  • Reducing waste 01

    Reducing waste

    Polymer Logistics products reduce packaging, product and labor waste across the supply chain. Our packaging solutions are made of durable, long lasting plastic materials and can be used over 100 times, providing a sustainable alternative to high waste-producing, timber-based, single-use packaging.

  • Conserving energy 02

    Conserving energy

    Less energy is required when manufacturing our packaging. In addition, the average life cycle of a Polymer Logistics product is approximately 10 years. The total pool requires less frequent recycling; as a result, total energy consumption related to recycling processes is also reduced.


  • Conserving natural resources 03

    Conserving natural resources

    Manufacturing polymer-based packaging requires less water than single-use alternatives and reduces the need to harvest timber for the production of wood and corrugated shipping supplies. lighter weight, nestable plastic pallets, foldable/stackable RPCs require less storage and transportation space.

Lightweight and durable plastic pallet

ASDA and D.E. Brand Trial Demonstrates the Benefits of Cleanpal®

Polymer Logistics has completed a highly successful trial of its Cleanpal®

plastic pallet in the challenging fresh produce supply chain. Participating in the project were D.E. Brand, the family-owned Lincolnshire-based supplier of quality Brassica vegetables, as well as leading retailer ASDA.

The Kroger Company and Polymer Logistics Win RPA Award

Kroger’s adoption of the Polymer Logistics Cleanpal® pallet reduces distribution costs and environmental impact in the retailer’s fresh egg supply chain Winning submission will be presented at Pack Expo 2019

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