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Polymer Logistics is a leader in Supply Chain logistical technologies.
Utilizing practical polymer products, live data-analysis technology, and industry-leading pooling services, we power modern perishable product shipping.
Here, systems are engineered with our business partners in mind. We are proud to help increase product freshness, reduce food waste, and implement cost-saving technologies.
Each innovation we debut is the result of collaboration between our engineers & customers to develop safer, smarter, and more efficient solutions.
Every day, we re-imagine how polymers can streamline shipping while beautifying retail floors.


As consumers and industries are encouraging a smarter, greener, approach to their daily needs, we are seeing overwhelming support from customers who seek to reduce waste, conserve energy, and limit the amount of resources needed for each shipment.

We at Polymer Logistics know that a fruitful supply chain flourishes when there is a harmony, between a supplier and customer who work towards practical solutions.

Together, we are creating a supply chain that is conscientious about our environment by taking active steps to help create the most productive and sustainable solutions.

We hold our products to a higher standard of durability and sustainability considering three main criteria:

  • Reducing waste 01

    Reducing waste

    Our packaging solutions are made of durable, long lasting plastic materials which provide an alternative to high waste-producing timber. In addition, our RRP reduces the rate of product damage throughout the Supply Chain and is 100% recyclable.

  • Conserving energy 02

    Conserving energy

    Less energy is required when manufacturing our packaging. The average life cycle of a Polymer Logistics product is approximately 10 years, providing a substantially reduced energy demand upon recycling.

  • Conserving natural resources 03

    Conserving natural resources

    By choosing reusable plastic packaging, the need to harvest our world’s natural resources is diminished considerably. Consequently, fewer trees need to be cut down to produce common packaging materials such as wood and cardboard.


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Lightweight and durable plastic pallet

ASDA and D.E. Brand Trial Demonstrates the Benefits of “Cleanpal”

Polymer Logistics has completed a highly successful trial of its Cleanpal plastic pallet in the challenging fresh produce supply chain. Participating in the project were D.E. Brand, the family-owned Lincolnshire-based supplier of quality Brassica vegetables, as well as leading retailer ASDA.

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