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Dynamic, Effective One Click Box

Polymer Logistics offers an innovative solution for the Post & Parcel operators
Your ideal solution, offering more space, less cost and full respect for the environment.

For an end to end solution we offer the following:

Foldable Large Container- Perfect in any field
Our FLCs are the result of innovative and advanced studies. Perfect for the Post & Parcel industry, their collapsible sides, to all their extra advantage
and most of all thanks to their competitive price compared to traditional container, these boxes make the difference starting a new era of sustainable collapsible containers. Stackability: All Polymer Logistics containers are full and empty, stackable and palletizable, to facilitate transport and storage. One can be arranged on the other
in maximum security and stability.


Dynamic, Effective One Click Box

Bins and Shippers

Option for rising floor

A multi-purpose, “one-touch” containers
Rising floor for easy picking and easier filling. Built in signage logistics operation. Robust construction ensures items are well protected.
Foldable, nestable and stackable to optimize truck and storage space.

Half Pallet- Functions both as transport and storage pallet
Robust for fork lift handling. No flexing when lifting of non secured loaded trays. No special friction on surface wanted. Stackable.
Low weight for manual handling – 9 kilos. No sharp edges with regard to manual handling.

Gallery Image 1/2 Bin
Gallery Image 1/2 Bin
Gallery Image 1/2 Bin
Gallery Image 1/2 Bin
Gallery Image 1/2 Bin
Gallery Image 1/2 Bin
Gallery Image 1/2 Bin
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