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Pooling is About Improving

Going Full Circle

When it comes to modern logistics, rely on Polymer Logistics’ advanced supply chain services and technology to give you a competitive advantage. Modern international shipping requires maximizing efficiency of reusable transport packaging systems through global pooling services, real-time asset tracking, and efficient, effective product maintenance programs. Polymer Logistics offers customized as well as standard supply chain management services, enabling you to focus on your core business. Our extensive client-focused services have been thoughtfully designed to maximize efficiency while providing the optimal mix to address each customers’ unique business needs and logistics, technology, and service requirements.

Going Full Circle

Our pooling service

Elevate Your Supply Chain Operation

Pooling allows for one-way shipping of reusable crates, pallets, and other supply chain equipment. It’s a proven operating model for supply chain businesses that have struggled to find viable solutions for converting from single-use to reusable transport packaging in the for shipment of their goods. Pooling is a system in which reusable pallets, crates and bins are shared among our network of producers and end-users. We offer leasing services, coordinate and connect network participants, and provide delivery, collection and maintenance of the shipping crate, pallet, or bin. We clean, sanitize, dry, and check the quality of each unit before it is returned to the “pool” for delivery and reuse.

Polymer Logistics’ customizable pool leasing programs allow our customers to:

  • Improve supply chain operations
  • Reduce capital expenditures…lease and pay for only what’s needed when its needed
  • Save money by eliminating round-trip transportation costs
  • Benefit from our continuous platform and system innovation
  • Feel confident in our ability to meet SLAs and stock requirements
  • Achieve sustainability goals through the carbon footprint reduction benefits of reuse: utilization of fewer natural resources, reduction in fuel emissions, and reduction of waste.


Produce RPC Label Requirements

Polymer Logistics is committed to delivering the highest quality, food-safe containers to our customers.

After every use, we inspect, wash, sanitize, dry, and repair our containers in accordance with our food safety policies, published industry best practices, and ISO 22000 certification requirements. In addition, we have identified label material and adhesive standards that help ensure RPC labels remain intact during the supply chain journey but are readily removed during the wash process without leaving any adhesive or substrate residue.


The established procedures within our food safety system ensure we are providing food-safe reusable packaging for the perishable food supply chain.

Produce RPC Label Requirements

Approved Label Providers for Polymer Produce RPCs


Produce RPC Label Requirements
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