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Polymer Logistics Now Supplying UDPs to Celtic Pure

Byhadasg November 20, 2018
Polymer Logistics Now Supplying UDPs to Celtic Pure

Polymer’s UDP works seamlessly within Celtic Pure’s high volume production process

Highly automated bottled water supplier and customers benefit from the consistency of Polymer’s plastic half pallets and “one touch” merchandising 

Rapidly growing Celtic Pure, Ireland’s leading independent bottled water supplier, has turned to Polymer Logistics to support its extensive investment in automation. Polymer’s UDP, a high performance plastic half pallet, helps ensure smooth operations in Celtic Pure’s automated processing and storage environment. In addition, it enables “one-touch” merchandising at retail as well as providing superior hygiene, thanks to construction from “easy-to-clean” polymer.

The selection of the UDP (Universal Display Pallet) by Celtic Pure is an ideal fit for the company’s recently installed automated bottling line and storage environments. Polymer’s high-quality plastic half pallet works seamlessly within Celtic Pure’s high volume production process. Unlike wood pallets, which can pose problems for automated systems due to damage or variable quality, the consistently sized UDP offers reliable service in high-speed operations.

Another important aspect of the UDP is its ‘one-touch’ functionality. It serves as a base for transport and storage as well as an attractive in-store display. The 80 x 60 cm UDP is perfectly sized for in-aisle as well as floor placement, eliminating the need for shelves, as well as the time and cost associated with manually stocking them.

Also of note, the UDP is manufactured from easy-to-clean polymer, making it a compelling choice for food processors concerned about maintaining optimal hygiene. It resists moisture, insects and fungi, in addition to being impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odour. Other hygiene benefits include the absence of wood splinters or exposed nails associated with wood pallets.

Launched less than 20 years ago, Celtic Pure is now Ireland’s largest independent bottled water provider. The company operates from a state-of-the-art bottling facility close to the original spring location that has served the McEneaney family for well over 200 years. Significant investments in a new bottling line and automated storage have seen the company boost its capacity from 120 million bottles per year to 250 million.

Adrian Dale, Managing Director, Polymer Logistics: “Celtic Pure provides a perfect example of how automated storage and production can be enhanced by a high-quality plastic pallet that not only helps improve efficiency but also improves hygiene. In addition, the display-ready UDP is perfectly designed to help retailers reduce stocking labour and increase sales.”

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