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Polymer Logistics, EcoVadis and the Power of Participation

Byar130405 April 04, 2017

Companies want to do the right thing when it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR), but supply chains and supplier relationships are often complex. Such complications can make it difficult to determine the validity of a firm’s green marketing claims or the overall success of their environmental initiatives, especially in networks that involve several tiers of suppliers, sometimes stretching globally.

For example, a company can have a stellar sustainability record in its operations, but what does that really mean if its suppliers far afield are spewing out pollutants or using child labour? Likewise a firm can make selective claims such as that it recycles its corrugated cardboard, but how does that action contribute to its overall sustainability aspirations if the packaging it chooses results in more greenhouse gas emissions, more water usage, more solid waste and more workplace injuries than options such as reusable packaging?

Luckily, EcoVadis helps bring clarity to the CSR performance of companies. More than 20,000 companies use EcoVadis to reduce risk associated with business relationships, while driving innovation and fostering transparency between trading partners. Participants include leading international brands and small businesses alike. The bottom line is that through participation in this process, industry is helping to drive positive social and environmental change.

Polymer Logistics is pleased to be one of the many progressive businesses that has undergone the rigorous EcoVadis evaluation, and it is happy to announce that it has received the EcoVadis Gold Recognition Level for 2016, the highest possible CSR rating. It scored its highest marks in Fair Business Practices and Sustainable Procurement categories. After initially receiving the Silver Recognition Level in 2015, Polymer rolled up its sleeves to make the necessary improvements required to achieve the Gold rating in 2016.

Are you ready to put your corporate CSR performance to the test? EcoVadis combines an industry-leading team of analysts, an innovative technology platform, and a unique CSR assessment methodology – one that spans 150 purchasing categories, 110 countries, and 21 CSR indicators. The resulting scorecard indicates how well you are doing versus your peers, and in what areas you can improve. Imagine the exponential power of companies in a supply network all participating, and those networks leading to adoption by other networks. The possibility for positive change is immense, and Polymer Logistics couldn’t be prouder to be a participant.

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