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Is the growth of online actually encouraging customers to spend less?

Bysmadarbo April 20, 2016

We all love online shopping right? The convenience of sitting in your own home shopping and then sitting back waiting for delivery for some is ideal.  Busy life styles dictate that online will continue to grow in popularity. However does online neglect one crucial aspect that footfall through retail doors may encourage namely impulse purchase?

If you’re anything like me and my family we go shopping with a list.  We know what we want and need and we try to stick to it. But let’s face it we are all natural browsers and for years retailers have been capitalising on this.  We wander around the store shopping list in hand but all of us are soon distracted by the end of aisle displays and such like that tempt us in to spending extra.  Indeed don’t forget whilst your there to browse through the DVD or the electronics aisles! The point is we often buy on impulse the items that we hadn’t planned to or even sometimes budgeted for.  The supermarkets have relied on this for years.

The question is does online encourage impulse and in answer to this I am not sure. Yes there are features built into e commerce sites like customers who bought this also purchased this etc. etc., but do we all take advantage of this?  Look, I don’t have the data at hand that says we do or we don’t, but when I have shopped online I have a set agenda, get online, select what’s needed and purchase in the least possible time. I never browse on a supermarket website!

What you can say is that there is no doubt about it online shopping is here to stay, people I know will never shop ‘in store’ again, however as a retailer don’t be surprised if you lose the impulse purchaser.

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