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Case Studies

A Fresh Look for Produce with Market Place Crate

Byar130405 March 31, 2015
Polymer Logistics challenges retailers to put the freshness back into their produce aisles with the new Market Place Crate and watch sales grow.

Fresh Produce in Industrial Look Crates?

Retailers are constantly investing in their stores to improve the customer experience and in the produce sector have been trying to recreate a traditional market feel. Typically located at the front of store, this Destination Category drives footfall for the overall outlet, so any improvement here has an exponential benefit on total sales. Retailers have introduced wooden plinths and even a “misting” effect to emphasize the freshness of the fresh produce offer. However when it comes to the actual packaging of produce the use of a multitude of coloured, industrial look crates is commonplace. This in reality creates a sterile look to this key category and offers very little differentiation over rivals. In essence retailers are failing to fully exploit that market fresh image and perception.

The benefits of plastic crates are well documented but there is a viable alternative to the sterile, industrial look crates, whilst keeping the benefits of hygiene and logistics efficiency in the supply chain. Product specialists at Polymer Logistics have therefore invested considerable time and money in the invention of the all-new Market Place Crate. Polymer Logistics has perfected the process to replicate the wood effect, whilst still delivering the logistical efficiency and optimum hygiene benefits that is offered today in plastic.

85% of customers prefer wood look crates

The development of the Market Place Crate was born out of retailers desire to get away from this crude look in the produce aisles. Customer research was undertaken to fully understand what customers prefer. The conclusion of this research showed that 85% of customers preferred the improved perception of freshness that wood look crates give to the sterile alternative. In today’s ‘first impression counts’ environment there can be no doubt that where retailers deploy the Market Place Crate, an uplift in sales will naturally follow.

World’s two largest retailers are looking to freshen their produce offer with Market Place Crate

Having made its debut in 2014, the Market Place Crate is impacting retailers all over the world. It is making an appearance in continental Europe and the Americas where significant retailers have seen a meaningful uplift in the sales of fresh produce. It has also been internationally recognised and nominated for a number of awards – including the 2014 Fresh awards (UK), the 2014 New Product Awards (US) and the 2015 Fruit Logistica Innovation Award – due to the innovation that is integral to its design.

Market Place Crate delivers more than just look and feel

A Fresh Look that is still supply chain efficient (alternative sub-head)

The new Market Place Crate from Polymer presents the opportunity for retailers to switch away from industrial looking plastic crates and to actually influence buyer perception in terms of the market feel without the gimmicks. What’s more for retailers who are already using real wooden crates the new solution from Polymer Logistics is more sustainable and offers a significant advantage in terms of hygiene. The new Market Place Crate offers robust product protection throughout the supply chain and continues to deliver the transport and storage efficiencies proven by the nesting crates which dominates UK retail.

“If retailers truly want to offer their customers that market fresh look, then they need to find an alternative to the industrial looking plastic crate that is prevalent in every retail produce aisle,” stated Adrian Dale, Managing Director Polymer Logistics UK. “Here at Polymer Logistics we believe that this represents a major breakthrough in terms of store enhancements and are confident that if retailers invest in the Market Place Crate they will see a huge difference in the sales of fresh produce”.

Request a miniature sample

Here at Polymer Logistics we would like you to get a real feel of how the Market Place Crate really looks. Why not give the team a call on +44 (0)845 200 0001 and request a free miniature sample?

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