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Case Studies

We are all sceptical about exhibitions right?

Byar130405 June 12, 2014
We are all sceptical about exhibitions right?

Will we be there in the second year?

Last week saw the upmarket Grosvenor House Hotel in London play host to the inaugural 2014 London produce show.  Taking the decision to exhibit for any company is a big decision both in terms of time and ultimately cost.  Having considered all the details carefully we took the decision to support this new show, however the key to success for us is the return on investment that it would potentially bring us.

With a sceptical view point on the success of any exhibition, aren’t we all, we set up for the show waited for the opening day and stood back to welcome the masses!

Okay so the above was said slightly tongue in cheek, but what we actually got was surpassed or expectations.  There was, by no means, a shortage of exhibitors displaying their wares.  Everything from dates to produce tracking software was on display. However the relatively small dimensions of the exhibition floor gave the show an intimate feel without being cramped.  I can also say that the show was busy across the whole day, the hustle and bustle of people coming and going was ever present.  It was well organised and the venue was top class.

As to the success of the show and the leads we picked up whilst there remains to be seen as we are now busily following up on the opportunities. However what I can say is that we were very satisfied by the quality of the callers to our booth.  What’s more if our sales people are as good as I think they are then the event will certainly wash its face and more in terms of the end cost for us.

Will we be there in the second year? Well it’s always difficult to predict what’s around the corner in terms of business, but based on the evidence at hand we certainly would give it another go in 2015.

P.S spare a thought for the person dressed as a large piece of celery who wandered the aisles, it was such a hot day!

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