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Applying Fresh Thinking to Your Supply Chain

With challenges ranging from prolonging shelf life and ensuring hygiene to optimizing retail display, circular economy initiatives and more, managing the fresh produce supply chain has never been more complex. And that’s where Polymer Logistics can help. The company’s innovative Retail Returnable solutions simplify operations from grower to retail.


Staying the freshest, involves fresh thinking. Polymer’s well designed, robust crates and pallets are aimed at reducing overall costs and improving your competitive position. The company offers a range of wood-look, nestable and stackable crates as well as its Cleanpal™ plastic pallet and its UDP (Universal Display Pallet) plastic half pallet.


Polymer’s wood-look, foldable and nestable crate range offers several advantages to supply chain stakeholders, including durable design to minimise mechanical damage to products, improved ventilation to enhance cooling, and ease of handling in manual and automated operations.


Applying Fresh Thinking  to Your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Game Changer

Cleanpal™ Plastic Pallet

Cleanpal™, Polymer’s plastic pallet, eliminates the worker safety, hygiene and operational problems associated with wood pallets. Weighing less than 33 lbs each and made with moisture, insect and mould resistant polymer, Cleanpal™ can be easily lifted manually and nested when stacked to optimize space utilization in transport as well as storage. The combined Polymer tray and pallet system creates a sturdy unit load that eliminates product overhang on pallets, improving handling speed and productivity throughout the supply chain.


The UDP (Universal Display Pallet) is another powerful new element of Polymer’s solution set. The easy-to-clean plastic UDP half pallet simplifies the transition from grower to storefront while providing all the ergonomics, hygiene and operational benefits of Cleanpal™.
With an innovative suite of products and services including washing, IoT tracking solutions and more, Polymer Logistics can help give your produce supply chain a fresh look and a fresh start towards competitive advantage.

Gallery Image Cleanpal 1200X1000
Gallery Image Cleanpal 1200X1000
Gallery Image Cleanpal 1200X1000
Gallery Image Cleanpal 1200X1000
Gallery Image Cleanpal 1200X1000
Gallery Image Cleanpal 1200X1000
Gallery Image Cleanpal 1200X1000

Case studies

Polymer Logistics salutes Tesco’s accomplishment

UK’s biggest supermarket utilises Polymer’s wood-effect Marketplace display fixtures to support the development of healthy eating habits

Case studies

Polymer's RPCs shipments into Walmart

Polymer Logistics is the first packaging manufacturer to roll out the wood grain RPCs in the US, helping growers deliver on their fresh promise to Walmart and its shoppers by providing everything needed to transport fruits and vegetables from the field to the store in the best possible condition.

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