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FMCG: What’s trending so far in 2019

Byhadasg March 06, 2019
FMCG: What’s trending so far in 2019

The increasing demand for data and digitisation tops the trend list

The FMCG trends for 2019 are becoming clear. Brexit chaos aside, data, private label products, and facility automation top the issues we are hearing about from industry decision makers. The good news is that innovative ‘One-Touch/Retail Ready Packaging (RRP)’ solutions from Polymer Solutions can help. Let’s take a closer look.

The increasing demand for data and digitisation tops the trend list. Brands too often lose product visibility until it gets to point-of-sale, and they are looking for better inventory accuracy and control throughout the supply chain. With Polymer Logistics’ strong presence in end-use merchandising units, combined with its IoT capabilities, the company is well placed to offer that service to FMCG customers.

Polymer’s IoT solution provides information about inventory held at the distribution centre as well as at the store. As such, it provides a solution to the inefficient practice of suppliers pushing too much stock to retailers because they are uncertain about inventory levels.

At the store, geolocation sensors also offer considerable benefits to supply chain participants. They help retailers locate stock and promote FIFO (First in First Out), especially important for perishable products. Geolocation is also an important consideration for brands. They may be paying for prime display locations and specific promotion periods at retail. With geolocation, Polymer Logistics’ IoT solution can eliminate any concerns by providing accurate information about when product was put on display and when it was removed.

It is also critical not to get buried in data. Sensors can generate a massive amount of information, and that output needs to be structured to reveal valuable insights. Work with a highly skilled technology provider such as Polymer Logistics which can customise dashboards to best meet brand or retailer needs.

The second leading trend is the continued growth of private label products. This shift is leading toward less selection and more concentration involving fewer SKUs. Retailers are sending more pallet level displays to the store. As pallets of product that are placed directly onto the sales floor or the retail fixture, they help reduce labour cost and improve inventory management. For many SKUs, however, full pallet shipments can result in too much inventory in stores. In such cases, Polymer Logistics’ half-size Universal Display Pallet (UDP) provides the opportunity to “half size” the order quantity, helping keep store inventory levels in check.

The third trend sweeping across FMCG is automation. Companies are increasingly turning to automated storage and fulfilment systems because of labour shortage challenges and the increasing national living wage in the UK. However, when companies invest in automation, they are finding that they can’t rely on the consistency of wood pallets to prevent downtime. Consistently high-quality plastic pallets provide a reliable alternative. For example, Polymer’s plastic UDP has proven successful in beverage industry automation as well as in the fresh sector.

The trends for 2019 are taking shape, and ‘One-Touch/Retail Ready Packaging (RRP)’ solutions from Polymer Solutions are making a difference. Whether your pain points pertain to data, private label or automation initiatives, we’re here to help.

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