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Convenience Summit 2016, 8th – 9th June

Bysmadarbo May 05, 2016
Convenience Summit 2016, 8th – 9th June

Marketplace Display is designed for easy installation and relocation

Polymer Logistics to present its range of cost-effective and fresh look merchandising solutions at Convenience Summit 2016

Exhibiting Marketplace Display with crates for uniform store appearance of fresh produce as well as Crystal Clear freestanding display units for chilled beverage

Polymer Logistics, a leading provider of retail-returnable packaging (RRP) solutions, will exhibit its innovative and visually appealing solutions for the display of beverages, fresh produce and more at, held on the 8th and 9th June 2016 at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, Euston Rd, London NW1 2AR. Summit’s attendees will discover how Polymer Logistics’ Marketplace Display system, as well as its range of Crystal Clear crates, can stimulate customer engagement while also providing significant supply chain cost savings versus single use packaging alternatives.

Selected by Tesco Group’s ‘One Stop’ shops, the Marketplace Display is a modular crates’ display system that can be quickly assembled and is designed to create a uniform store appearance. Thanks to its wood-effect look, it is now emerging as the new standard for retailers seeking to create an upscale fresh market look for stores. This conversion is well underway in the United States as Wal-Mart has mandated a shift for all of its produce crates to follow the lead of the Polymer Logistics wood grain evocative Marketplace crate – the company’s crates line for a distinctive “fresh from the field” appearance, in contrast to typical, industrial-looking crates. With the Marketplace crate, a perception of fresh and local produce can be created without compromising on the hygiene, cost and environmental benefits associated with reusable plastic containers.

Marketplace Display is designed for easy installation and relocation. No tools are needed for assembly thanks to its “snap locks” design, and the option of interlocking clips mean that adjacent columns can be locked in place for stability. The tilted plinth display provides easier reach to the back row of the crates for both staff and customers. Additionally, the closed design prevents items from falling into the stand, reducing the need to dismantle it for cleaning. The Marketplace Display is compatible with both 600×400 mm and half-size 400×300 mm Marketplace crates, as well as various other containers and cardboard.

Another innovation from Polymer Logistics, its Crystal Clear freestanding display units (FSDUs), offers a number of advantages in comparison to cardboard FSDUs. Besides providing a clear view of the products being merchandised, Crystal Clear delivers superior load bearing capacity. This feature makes them a preferred solution for heavier products such as beverages, shampoos, and lotions. Also noteworthy, Crystal Clear crates generate cost savings throughout the supply chain with regard to ease of handling, storage and order selection with the standard sized containers. Meanwhile, their sturdy construction helps minimise product damage. At retail, the one-touch merchandising of stock received in Crystal Clear trays allows for seamless and efficient replenishment of displays, significantly reducing stocking time. Conservatively, Crystal Clear offers up to a 50% saving versus traditional cardboard.

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