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Polymer Logistics celebrates 25th anniversary in conjunction with leading fresh produce trade show

Byhadasg January 30, 2019
Polymer Logistics celebrates 25th anniversary in conjunction with leading fresh produce trade show


6th-8th February, Berlin

Hall 21, Stand E-06

A singular focus on customer and retailer experience has enabled leading RRP provider to generate ongoing innovative reusable packaging solutions, now incorporating IoT

Join decision-makers in learning about the latest innovations, products, and services at FRUIT LOGISTICA. The event takes place 6th-8th February in Berlin. Polymer Logistics, a show exhibitor and leading provider of “One-Touch/Retail Ready Packaging (RRP)” solutions to retailers worldwide since 1994, is pleased to display its innovative range of offerings. It will also celebrate its 25th anniversary at the event.

From the time of its founding, Polymer Logistics has maintained a singular focus on developing and providing customer-centric solutions. Initially, as a joint venture between GE Plastics and ZAG, it looked to manufacture plastic pallets from recycled material. In 2000, when Polymer shifted its business model to pooling to better address customer needs, GE was bought out in order to apply the new strategy.

The company has always approached solution development from the “eyes of the shopper and the retailer.” Aided by an innovative in-house design team and dedicated manufacturing capability, Polymer has excelled in delivering the best in returnable transport, storage and display products to the market. These offerings, including rising floor shippers, one-touch beverage tray systems, Cleanpal, Universal Display Pallet, dollies, and many others, provide substantial cost and environmental benefits. Their robust construction enables them to withstand the rigorous demands of retail supply chain logistics for many years.

As Polymer has repositioned itself from a niche provider to the mainstream, its most exciting innovation has been the Wood-look Crate in 2014. The company was the first to introduce the wood-effect plastic containers to the perishable goods market, significantly enhancing the appearance of fresh produce in stores.  Wood look crates give a ’natural’ feel to shoppers and have led to 4-6% sales increases at chains using them.

Most recently, Polymer now also provides technology-related services. The company’s Internet of Things (IoT) solutions deliver real-time inventory visibility, location, and other information such as shock and temperature. These services help retailers reduce business risks, save money, and create new revenue streams.

Gideon Feiner, CEO, Polymer Logistics: “After 25 years of investing in our clients and in the partnerships that we created, developing the most innovative and technological solutions along with uncompromising services and building an outstanding track record, Polymer Logistics is growing and advancing towards a new era. We are financially stronger, faster to market, and benefit from the experience of our first quarter century in the marketplace. We are now starting another 25 excellent years with more innovative developments to come.”

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