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Cleanpal Joins Pick of the Crop at Freshawards 2018

Byhadasg May 21, 2018
Cleanpal Joins Pick of the Crop at Freshawards 2018

Harvest workers enjoyed the ease of pallet handling in the field, while operators appreciated the easy fork entry…

Excellence in innovation, corporate performance and personal achievement is at the heart of supply chain improvement. FPC once again celebrates the successes of individuals and companies in the produce supply chain through its Freshawards 2018 competition. Judges have now identified the finalists in 15 categories. One of those finalists is Polymer Logistics, for its paradigm-shifting Cleanpal pallet.

“We were overwhelmed with the number of entries and they’ve raised the bar again!,” said Nigel Jenney, CEO of FPC. “Cracking success stories and so many bright individuals, it’s uplifting to read such positivity in these challenging times. Judging was particularly challenging this year and it’s such a shame there can only be one winner.”

Polymer Logistics is a finalist in the Business Service Partner Category, which includes the broad array of business partners who support UK fresh produce and flower companies through the provision of services and products such as packaging, logistics, IT, machinery, and many others. Polymer’s entry relates to Cleanpal, the hygienic pallet that weighs only half as much as a dry wood pallet while punching considerably above its weight class regarding overall supply chain benefits.

In a ten month project which involved a full-time team of ten employees and a significant investment, have resulted in the hygienic Cleanpal plastic pallets are being deployed in the Freshlinc, Poskitts, D.E. Brand and Asda supply chain with remarkable success. Harvest workers enjoyed the ease of pallet handling in the field, while operators appreciated the easy fork entry. The free underdeck provides a larger opening than found in wooden pallets. No shifting or loss of palletised product was recorded, as load stability was enhanced by the use of interlocking trays.

Material handlers were able to experience how Cleanpal can be easily lifted and stacked manually, as well as nested to optimise the space utilisation. Three times as many empty pallets can be transported on a single lorry and only a third of the storage space is required.

Laboratory trials demonstrated that the new pallet material is very hygienic, essential to the safety of today’s food supply chain. Cleanpal has been developed using easy-to-clean polypropylene. Cleanpal also eliminates issues commonly encountered with wood pallets such as splintering and exposed nails. Recyclable Cleanpal pallets can also be manufactured from food grade post-consumer plastic, a positive impact on waste.

Fresh produce is too often referred to as a commodity business, one that is steeped in commonly accepted practices and expectations. In truth, however, companies and shoppers alike continually strive to find the best – the pick of the crop. FPC’s Freshawards afford an opportunity to do just that, to recognise the accomplishments of individuals and businesses in creating a more vibrant and resilient produce supply chain. Please join us in applauding the finalists for this year’s event, and in wishing all participants the best of luck. The winners will be announced June 5 at Freshawards 2018, to be held at the Pavilion, Tower of London.

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