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Carbon, carbon, carbon – become a retail ready carbon foot print eco warrior

Byar130405 April 17, 2014
Let’s face it we hear the term carbon foot print all the time.  It’s almost one of those phrases that has become throw away.  It’s dropped into polite conversation and used on the news on regular occasions by many journalists who want to demonstrate their eco credentials and expertise.

We have changed our light bulbs for new environmentally friendly ones that in reality don’t illuminate the room enough and we switch our televisions off properly, and then complain about how long they take to start up!!

In the above we jest, but in todays society it’s important for individuals and organisations alike to be aware of the impact that their carbon footprint is having on our precious planet.  The effects that greenhouse gases are having on the world cannot be ignored and what’s more governments are taking action to ensure that emissions are reduced and controlled.

So let us ask you a question: As a professional involved in the field of retail ready packaging do you know the carbon footprint of your product choices?

You may ask yourself is it really important? However more and more retailers are publishing carbon footprint figures in annual reports. They are recognising the positive impact it can have on business when they are seen to take their corporate social responsibility seriously.

Here at Polymer Logistics we have recognised that customers do actually want to know the effect that RRP has on their business. However it can be difficult to calculate.  That’s why we have invested in the invention of a straightforward carbon calculator that will tell you exactly what you need to know.  What’s more we have a range of products and services that can help you take that vital step in reducing your carbon footprint.

Simply fill in your details and we will walk you through the process.  Before you know it you will become an eco warrior of the retail world.

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