Wood-look Display Fixture

  • Better, unified(uniform) look to store.

  • Modular system fits all store sizes and needs.

  • Easy assembly and relocation.

  • Designed to hold all types of RPC’s or cardboard.

  • Easier to reach the back row of crates.

  • Closed unit, no need to clean inside the stand.

  • Environmentally friendly, fully recyclable.




New Generation of Wood Look Display

A fresh look that boosts shoppers' experience & increases sales!

The new wood look store display solution brings a clean and elegant

look to your fresh departments.

It's lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble and includes

a hidden storage space that makes this unit a lot more efficient.

We offer three different cover options - Flat, Pyramid or Angled

• All units are foldable and can be stored

• We added a storage space that can contain one / two dollies

  or a cooler to preserve the freshness of your goods

• Promotional benefits - panels in varied colors can be replaced for

  special promotions