Rolling Display Pallet (RDP)

Combining the benefits of an attractive display pallet with a heavy-duty dolly, the "one-touch" RDP is easy to handle throughout the supply chain, helping to keep transport and replenishment costs to a minimum.

  • Worldwide patent serves a dual function as both pallet and dolly  - sits flat as a pallet but when tilted, functions as a full, heavy-duty dolly.
  • One-touch packaging reduces in-store, storage and transport cost.
  • Easy & safe in-store handling - mini lifter without forks to replace conventional forklift.
  • Easy to operate – press foot pedal for dolly and runner for pallet. No major force needed.
  • Accommodates various beverage trays and crates, both foldable and nestable
  • Pop-up/flat surface - upon demand
External Dimensions(cm)
Load Capacity(kg)
60 x 80 x 18