Roll 'n' Pall

 This pallet and dolly exceeds expectations in storage and transport with its durable, efficient, and easy-to-use characteristics. It also converts very simply from a pallet to a heavy-duty dolly and back, making it user friendly for both suppliers and retailers.


  • Worldwide patent serves a dual function as both pallet and heavy duty dolly, by a simple foot activated mechanism.
  • Uniquely designed to replace forklifts, eliminating the time and cost of replenishing and allowing easy & safe in-store handling
  • Easy to operate – press foot pedal for dolly and runner for pallet. Easy to use.
  • Optimum compatibility with automated production lines – castors are completely retracted when in pallet mode.
  • Accommodates various beverage trays and crates, both foldable and nestable
  • Available as pop-up or flat surface - upon demand
External Dimensions(cm)
Load Capacity(kg)
60 x 80 x 19.5