Home Shopping Crates

Innovative Reusable Home Shopping Crates solution that deliver results

We offer a full logistic solution cycle that will

support your entire home delivery operation

system with designated reusable crates designed

especially for the Home Shopping industry.

We at Polymer Logistics believe in the future of

home shopping channels industry. As oppose to

the traditional shopping, home shopping allows

consumers to shop from the privacy of their home

and save time and effort.




These crates have a solid base and can be nested.

The solid base ensures no liquid is spilled into the

crates below (solid for minimum 1.5 liter liquid spill).

The crates have perforated walls, they are light weighted

and have bag hooks on crown (beside the fold-able one)

The bags are hooked inside the crate for an easier

and a faster goods collecting process by keeping the

bags open and dividing the goods  in a manner of order.



New Tracking System for Online Shopping Crates!

We offer huge saving using a sophisticated platform and a very

easy-to-install system. The system enable tracing of all delivered

crates and specifically the ones left  on premises by the driver.

Tracking Online Shopping Crates will dramatically and immediately

reduce losses and improve operational efficiency.

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