Product Solutions

Throughout the past twenty years, Polymer Logistics has worked to create an extensive portfolio of multi-purpose, one-touch, returnable RRP options to meet the full range of our clients' needs. Our uniqueness derives from taking both a product and solutions approach enhanced by invaluable input from our pool operators. This multi-faceted approach feeds our innovation, and results in well-designed, robust, and long-lasting products. Our eco-friendly RPCs, bins, crates, dollies and pallets, widely used and highly appreciated in the food industry, are equally valued by the postal service, pharmaceutical, clothing and other various packaged goods manufacturers and suppliers.Easy to assemble and maneuver, our extremely durable yet light-weight RRP products help simplify storage, shipping and retailing logistics for food, packaged, and other goods. Designed to nest, fold, stack and collapse, our products minimize storage and transport costs. And with features like locking sides, a pop-up rim system, multiple color options including the new "crystal clear" line, and our "Dynamic" bins with a rising floor, Polymer has many options to meet clients' most pressing needs.