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Product solutions

Throughout the past twenty years, Polymer Logistics has worked to create an extensive portfolio of multi-purpose, one-touch, returnable Retail Ready Packging options to meet the full range of our clients' needs. Our eco-friendly RPCs, bins, crates, dollies and pallets, widely used and highly appreciated in the food  


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 Service solutions

Polymer Logistics recognizes that a streamlined supply chain is a competitive advantage. By providing customized as well as standard supply chain management services, we help maximize efficiency, enabling our customers to focus on their core business. Our extensive pooling, tracking, washing and maintenance services 



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Innovative Logistics & Display Solutions → Major Savings to Retailers & Suppliers

Polymer Logistics is a global leader in Retail-Ready Packaging (RRP). We provide world-class plastic container and pallet pooling services, working closely with manufacturers, suppliers/packers and retailers alike to ensure cost-effective logistics solutions and maximum in-store product availability. Aligned with our pooling service is our innovative design and manufacturing capability. Our extensive range of returnable transport, storage and display products includes collapsible bins, folding, nesting and stackable crates, together with reusable dollies and pallets. These offer substantial costs benefits, are more environmentally friendly than traditional one-way transit packaging and are robust enough to withstand the rigorous demands of retail supply chain logistics for many years.