Display / Fixture Solutions

Polymer Logistics has a strong relationship with its customers therefore understands their needs. As a sustainable company, Polymer developed a display solution to answer the store needs with less disposable materials, as the common FSDU (Free Standing Display Unit). We came up with out Crystal Clear FSDU’s, allowing the products to be asthetically displayed when needed, and to be easily folded and stored, when the use is done. The Crystal Clear FSDU includes 2 types: trays for light-weight products (such as crisps, cerials, pasta and more) and Heavy Duty trays for heavier products (such as cans, shampoo, pet food and more). The CC FSDU can be displayed on a pallet or a dolly.

Another new solution was developed to replace the stacked RPC’s as display, common in some retailers stores. Polymer developed a modular fixture system with our new wood-look design, allowing the retailer to choose the needed footprint and height for each one of its stores. This fixture is a perfect solotion for both large and small stores , bringing the store the market place, fresh look and can be dismateled and stored easily, when needed. We invite you to explore more about each system and contact us for further information.

Technical Product information:

Free Standing Display Unit:

Crystal Clear FSDU

Wood-look Display Fixture:

Wood-look Display Fixture