Highland Spring

Highland Spring

Highland Spring Group is the UK's largest bottled water company producing some of the UK's best loved brands such as Highland Spring, Speyside Glenlivet, Hydr8 and Hydr8 Flavours. More than one in every five litres of unflavoured bottled water consumed in the UK is produced by Highland Spring Group*.

Headquartered in Blackford, Perthshire, the Group oversees five bottling plants in Scotland and Wales and employs around 400 staff.

In April this year, it was announced that the Group's flagship Highland Spring brand had become the UK's no.1 bottled water brand*. The announcement was a major milestone for the Perthshire company, signalling the end of 30 years' domination of the UK market by imported multinational brands.

In 2012 the company wanted to improve the supply and presentation of its products into store and looked to reduce its number of merchandising unit (MU) pallet suppliers. It was also keen to rationalise the number of pallets being used.

Highland Spring contacted Polymer Logistics for advice and we recommended a viable option. We contacted Highland Spring's customers and negotiated an agreement whereby their existing pallet was replaced with our UDP pallet (1/2 pallet), which customers quickly recognised as a high-quality, reliable replacement. We also implemented systems for bulk pallet de-hiring which enabled Highland Spring to further reduce its overhead cost.

"The high level of customer service we receive and the company's positive approach to resolving any issues that arise makes Polymer Logistics one of our preferred suppliers", said Kenneth Tannock, Warehouse and Stock Manager at Highland Spring. "By working closely with Polymer Logistics and consolidating our pallet range, we have seen improved product availability in store, reduced replenishment times and considerable cost savings."

For more information on Highland Spring Group visit www.highlandspringgroup.com



* Zenith Report on UK Bottled Water April 2013; Zenith International